Metal Bands that Made History

Metal bands originated back in the is a genre in rock music with both extreme and non-extreme metal genre. Has some sub-genres from black metal, death metal, power metal etc.It also include all types of tempo depending on the genre, for example, thrash metal is high-speed while doom metal is this article I will discuss some of the prominent in the music history.

Metallica band


It was formed back in 1981 in Los Angeles by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield. The band underground appreciation after releasing its third album, master of puppets in 1986. Their fifth album, Metallica has sold over 16 million copies in the USA. The band has won nine Grammy awards, have been nominated 23 times for the awards. They have been ranked by some magazines such as rolling stones, as one of the best commercial selling bands after selling over 58 million albums.


Iron maiden band


The iron maiden band was formed in Leyton in 1975 by Steve Harris. The success came in the 1980s after releasing some hit albums, The Number of The Beast, The Piece of Mind, Power Slave, Somewhere in Time. Their 2010 release, the final frontier, peaked number one in over 28 countries. The iron maiden band is a one time winner of Ivor Novello Award. According to Sunday Times, they have sold over 100 million copies worldwide.


Sabaton Band


Sabaton band song themes are based on war. The Swedish metal band was formed in 1999.they have since continued to release hit album basing their song themes on war, heroism and act of battles. The hit albums include; The Art of War, Primo Victoria and The Last Stand. The band has released seven albums, and they have shared the stage with famous artist all over across the world. They have won several awards including, Best Live Band (2012) and Best Swedish Group in 2012-2013.


Death Band


The band was formed in 1983 by vocalist Chuck Schuldiner in Orlando, Florida. Their first hit release was Scream Bloody Gore released in 1987. Though the band ceased to exist after the death of its founder, it remains one of the great bands in history. By 2008 the band had sold over two million worldwide.


Dragon force


The dragon force was founded in 1999 in was going by the name Dragonheart They changed their name to Dragon Force after the release Valley of The Damned in 2002.The hit songs include, Through The Fire And Flames, The Fury Of The Storm And Heroes Of Our Time.


Iced Earth


The band originated from Tampa, Florida in 1984. They released their first album, self-titled in 1990. Since then the band has released eleven studio albums, eleven music videos and three studio albums. The group can be described as heavy metal, thrash metal and power metal. Common lyrics in the iced earth music are religion, literature fantasy and history.


Every metal band had had its ups and downs in their making with members leaving and others joining with time. The best thing about the metal music once a great song it will always be a great song. 

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